Fara Izyana Meor Faiza

I decided on coming to Ireland after IUMC first made a visit to my school where I was doing A-levels. I was already applying to a few medical schools at the time, but decided to broaden my options by applying to Ireland as well – and looking back, I’m very grateful that I did!

The best part about studying Medicine in UCD is being presented with so many opportunities alongside my studies. From summer school programs, to research involvement, to student societies and clubs, I’ve had a taste of them all during my pre-clinical years. Now that I’ve started my clinical rotations, I realise that the curriculum was structured in a way that ensured I had a grasp of ALL the theory before being placed in a clinical context.

Ireland itself as a country is also beautiful, and its people so welcoming. I sometimes find myself slipping in ‘grand’ and ‘craic’ when I speak, and have somehow become fond of Irish humour. What’s nice is that IUMC also links us with other Malaysian students in Ireland, so there’s always a home away from home to seek familiarity in.

Jovian Gooi Zi Chieh

Studying medicine at University College Dublin has given me the invaluable opportunity to gain a global perspective and broaden my horizons.

One of the key strengths of UCD’s medical program is the emphasis on practical learning. Throughout each course, there is a strong emphasis on hands-on experiences, including dissection labs that have been invaluable in visualizing anatomical regions. In Malaysia, access to dissection labs is limited, and I truly appreciate the chance to engage in such practical learning at UCD. Additionally, the tutorial sessions in smaller groups have been immensely beneficial, allowing for discussions and better understanding of clinical equipment used in real-world medical settings. UCD’s commitment to equipping medical students with basic life-saving skills early on in our first semester has also been invaluable, providing us with essential skills that will be crucial in our future medical practice… Read More

Mae Shan

Hi, my name is Mae Shan and I’m a 4th year medical student at University College Dublin.

Being here in Ireland for a good 4 years has been wonderful and an eye-opener. The first year was difficult as adjusting to a new environment and being away from home was hard, but it is still exciting to return back to Ireland every new school term.

The decision I made to come to Ireland was to allow me to have different connections with people all over the world and learn more about different cultures. A lot of people will ask why Ireland and not UK, I think it is about preference. I can say that Dublin is more to a manageable city compare to London or other cities in UK. Nonetheless, Dublin city is lively with live music and entertainment. There are nice parks for picnics if the weather permits and lovely trails for hike to enjoy beautiful nature experiences… Read More

Sumitra Cheong

Being alone in a foreign country more than 10 ,000 km away from home can be daunting and challenging . However , for me , I found that the challenge was also what made it an exciting and rewarding journey. I first began my application to the 4 Irish Medial Universities-UCD,TCD,NUIG and UCC in January 2022. Applying through IUMC was a relatively easy process and I also felt well- supported from the beginning till the end. Throughout the application process, Ms Samantha and Mr Seamus would frequently provide us with updates and guide us on how to go about interviews and getting our documents ready… Read More

Abdul Raziq Hider

I am starting my final year of Medicine in UCD and I could not be happier with my experience in this prestigious university so far. UCD has the best facilities in Ireland for both academic and sports activities. The time during pre-clinical years was amazing and has provided me the opportunity to learn in a very conducive environment for education as well as able to make a lot of friends from numerous backgrounds. Apart from that, the times in the hospitals for my clinical placements have been outstanding with a more comprehensive approach to medicine and multiple ways to gain and improve my clinical skills which will help me to work as a doctor in the very near future.”

Mae Shan

I chose UCD mainly for its campus life and also because UCD is known for its research work and the student summer research programme. The programme has been the most interesting aspect of my time here. Research prompts me to think, and it is an avenue where I can finally apply what I have studied so far in medical school.

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