Studying medicine at University College Dublin has given me the invaluable opportunity to gain a global perspective and broaden my horizons. 

One of the key strengths of UCD’s medical program is the emphasis on practical learning. Throughout each course, there is a strong emphasis on hands-on experiences, including dissection labs that have been invaluable in visualizing anatomical regions. In Malaysia, access to dissection labs is limited, and I truly appreciate the chance to engage in such practical learning at UCD. Additionally, the tutorial sessions in smaller groups have been immensely beneficial, allowing for discussions and better understanding of clinical equipment used in real-world medical settings. UCD’s commitment to equipping medical students with basic life-saving skills early on in our first semester has also been invaluable, providing us with essential skills that will be crucial in our future medical practice.

Another unique aspect of studying medicine at UCD is the Summer Student Research Awards (SSRA) program. This program has provided me with the chance to engage in research projects during the summer months, without having to worry about the expense of traveling back to my home country. This allows students to gain valuable research experience and develop important skills in critical thinking, data analysis, and academic writing, which will undoubtedly benefit our future career in medicine, especially if we are interested in specializing abroad where research is often a crucial criterion for boosting one’s resume.

Furthermore, the diversity of the student community at UCD has been truly enriching. As a Malaysian student, I was delighted to find a significant number of Malaysians at UCD, which helped me feel included and welcomed right from the start. The multicultural environment at UCD has not only fostered a sense of belonging but has also enriched my understanding of different cultures and perspectives, contributing to my personal growth as a future healthcare professional.

Lastly, I am immensely grateful for the assistance I received from the Irish Universities & Medical Schools Consortium (IUMC) during the application process. Medical school applications around the world are highly competitive, and the deadlines for accepting offers can be challenging to manage. However, Mr Seamus was able to help me obtain an interview with UCD and receive an unconditional offer, which allowed me to make a firm decision and decline my offers in Australia. The guidance and resources provided by IUMC were instrumental in ensuring that my application was comprehensive and competitive, and the interview opportunity provided me with the confidence to choose UCD as my preferred institution.