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The IUMC recruitment offices based in Asia provide a streamlined application process for international students applying to leading Medical and Dental schools across 4 prestigious Irish universities. The full 5-year degree programmes are delivered on campus and at the leading hospitals in Ireland. We are passionate about recruiting highly talented individuals and have helped thousands of students secure a dream university course.


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10 Great Reasons To Study In Ireland

World-wide International Reputation In Education And Medical Training
Friendly, Welcoming People
Safe, Secure Student Accommodation
Beautiful Countryside And Natural Environment
Strong Focus On Research
Early Patient Contact
Integrated Modern Curricula
Long History Of Training International Students
Excellent Student Support And Mentoring Services
Strong Cultural Heritage

Fara Izyana Meor Faiza

I decided on coming to Ireland after IUMC first made a visit to my school where I was doing A-levels. I was already applying to a few medical schools at the time, but decided to broaden my options by applying to Ireland as well – and looking back, I’m very grateful that I did!

The best part about studying Medicine in UCD is being presented with so many opportunities alongside my studies. From summer school programs, to research involvement, to student societies and clubs, I’ve had a taste of them all during my pre-clinical years. Now that I’ve started my clinical rotations, I realise that the curriculum was structured in a way that ensured I had a grasp of ALL the theory before being placed in a clinical context.

Ireland itself as a country is also beautiful, and its people so welcoming. I sometimes find myself slipping in ‘grand’ and ‘craic’ when I speak, and have somehow become fond of Irish humour. What’s nice is that IUMC also links us with other Malaysian students in Ireland, so there’s always a home away from home to seek familiarity in.

4th year, Medicine UCD

Jonathan Loke

​​Hello! My name is Jonathan Loke, I am a final year currently studying in Trinity College! I first decided to study in Ireland as I knew friends who were applying to Ireland so they were quite familiar with the whole application process and I also knew seniors who were already studying Medicine in Ireland and had really good experiences studying there. In retrospect, I am truly glad that I did! I really enjoy the pace of life in Dublin, as well as the accessibility of everything. Dublin is a very vibrant city, with new cafes and restaurants popping up every other week. The people in Dublin, especially the patients in the hospitals are always friendly and willing to help or just chat. I found this especially helpful in Medicine, where communication forms such a big part in trying to take a proper medical history… Read More

Trinity College Dublin; Medical Student

Jovian Gooi Zi Chieh

Studying medicine at University College Dublin has given me the invaluable opportunity to gain a global perspective and broaden my horizons.

One of the key strengths of UCD’s medical program is the emphasis on practical learning. Throughout each course, there is a strong emphasis on hands-on experiences, including dissection labs that have been invaluable in visualizing anatomical regions. In Malaysia, access to dissection labs is limited, and I truly appreciate the chance to engage in such practical learning at UCD. Additionally, the tutorial sessions in smaller groups have been immensely beneficial, allowing for discussions and better understanding of clinical equipment used in real-world medical settings. UCD’s commitment to equipping medical students with basic life-saving skills early on in our first semester has also been invaluable, providing us with essential skills that will be crucial in our future medical practice… Read More

UCD Medicine

Mae Shan

Hi, my name is Mae Shan and I’m a 4th year medical student at University College Dublin.

Being here in Ireland for a good 4 years has been wonderful and an eye-opener. The first year was difficult as adjusting to a new environment and being away from home was hard, but it is still exciting to return back to Ireland every new school term.

The decision I made to come to Ireland was to allow me to have different connections with people all over the world and learn more about different cultures. A lot of people will ask why Ireland and not UK, I think it is about preference. I can say that Dublin is more to a manageable city compare to London or other cities in UK. Nonetheless, Dublin city is lively with live music and entertainment. There are nice parks for picnics if the weather permits and lovely trails for hike to enjoy beautiful nature experiences… Read More

4th year, medicine UCD

Janice Chai Sin Peng

Stepping into a new country knowing little was intimidating but it turned out to be a journey full of wonders and excitement. Ireland is a place with diversity, full of people coming from all around the world. Being in this environment, I am able to meet like-minded people that I am able to exchange our intellectual and cultural experiences with. Encounters of people with different worldviews can be daunting but the meaningful conversations helped expand my pre-existing understanding of social and academic concepts. The relationship that I build with the people here and the memories are priceless and precious…Read More

Trinity College Dublin; Medical Student

Sumitra Cheong

Being alone in a foreign country more than 10 ,000 km away from home can be daunting and challenging . However , for me , I found that the challenge was also what made it an exciting and rewarding journey. I first began my application to the 4 Irish Medial Universities-UCD,TCD,NUIG and UCC in January 2022. Applying through IUMC was a relatively easy process and I also felt well- supported from the beginning till the end. Throughout the application process, Ms Samantha and Mr Seamus would frequently provide us with updates and guide us on how to go about interviews and getting our documents ready… Read More

UCD Medicine

Dr. Wen Yan Low

Dr. Wen Yan Low from Malaysia (UCC Medical School Graduate now working as a doctor in a hospital in Dublin, Ireland)

Hello! I am Wen Yan and I have recently graduated from UCC. Let me show you around and share my experiences studying in UCC. The school of medicine of University College Cork has a supportive learning environment which has helped me grow into a holistic medical graduate who is ready to work as a doctor. This is my story throughout my five years in UCC… Read More

UCC Medical School Graduate

Jeremy Kay Hock Lee

UCC is located in the pleasant, safe and welcoming city of Cork, which is home to some of the friendliest people I have ever met. The community is very helpful to international students whenever we require assistance or information. I was immediately attracted to the charming and peaceful environment the moment I arrived, and the tightly knit community makes Cork feel very much like home. The campus accommodations are also situated conveniently near the campus for international students…Read More

Medicine UCC, Singapore

Kei Yen Chan

My time in UCC has been enriching. The medical programme is well structured, with early patient interactions during pre-clinical years. This allows for a smooth transition into clinical placements starting in Year 3. There is an incredibly supportive network, with the medical staff always striving to improve student experience, and our mental health is a priority. Our tutors are very encouraging and passionate about teaching. There is also an emphasis on research skills, thus helping us to develop as well rounded medical students. It is definitely a learning environment I’m proud to be part of. UCC is also a central based campus, with the city being within walking distance. Cork city is vibrant with a diverse coffee scene, infused with warmth and friendliness. One most certainly feels very welcomed and a sense of belonging!

UCC Medicine, Malaysia

Shivika Marwaha

Studying in a country far from home, I’ve come to realise it’s not just about where you’re studying. It’s about the people, the sceneries, the walks among other things that make it worth the experience and Ireland offers all of that. Not only does it comprise of some of the World’s leading institutions but also people who are extremely friendly and warm who will wave to you and have a short conversation on your walk to campus. It offers some beautiful sights and hikes which make the university experience so much more worthwhile… Read More

UCC Medicine Year 3

Marissa Thuraiya Mat Salim

Coming to study Medicine here in University College Cork, a beautiful as well as culturally and socially stimulating environment, was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I find the people to be truly amazing! The quality of the medical programme is excellent, and the academic staff are willing to go the extra mile to assist students. This is a great place to study and to live and one with plenty of opportunity for new life experiences.

Medicine UCC

Karanvir Dhatt

I chose UCC because it is a very good integrated course where you get clinical experience at a very early stage. The consultant teaching is excellent, as is the early clinical skills teaching.

Cork city is a vibrant city with a nice homely feel. The good thing about UCC is that everything is nearby – most hospitals are within walking distance. Another key feature is that all students have to do a research project. My project was based at the World Health Organization in Geneva and I have already published one paper on my work. Having good research skills and publications and presentations already on track is a great start to a medical career… Read More

Medicine UCC

Julianna Jee

I feel that UCC has always believed in my full potential. I was taught not to only enrich my medical knowledge, but to also strive to contribute to the development of Medicine through involvement in cutting-edge research projects. Being part of a multi-disciplinary team is a joy and a blessing and has allowed me to gain first-hand experience in managing medical cases. UCC has always been a huge advocate of cultural diversity.

As an International student, UCC is my second home. The existing Malaysian community here have played a huge role in helping me to adapt to a new environment. The warmth and kindness of the Irish community has given me a sense of belonging.

Medicine UCC

Thitta Harnamornset

Coming to UCC has been an eye-opening experience for me. What really attracted me to the medical programme in UCC is the great emphasis on clinical research as is illustrated by many well known published studies. This has given me the opportunity to participate in my areas of interest. UCC provides excellent teaching and advanced facilities such as the Anatomy Flame Laboratory and Stimulation Laboratory for clinical practice. I find early clinical attachments such as GP visits and heath care tutorials the most striking and enjoyable part of the course. Not only does this familiarise us to clinical settings and practice, there is also a strong emphasis on the holistic aspects of Medicine and patient centered based care. Cork is a lovely, vibrant city that really welcomes you. I love how everything is within walking distance whether it be the campus, accommodation or the city centre itself. It has been really easy to settle in with so much support available. I strongly believe that UCC will shape me into a competent and understanding doctor which will allow me to excel in this field.

Medicine UCC, Thailand

Pei Nie

Medical school at University of Galway has been an incredible journey for me. The best part has been the opportunity to be on the wards, interacting with patients, and fulfilling my dream of attending medical school. It’s truly a rewarding experience.

One important lesson I’ve learned is the significance of taking time for myself. To stay on top of things, I make it a priority to keep up with my work. By doing so, I have more time to relax and have fun, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the workload. It’s all about finding the right balance. Read More

Réiltín Ní Theimhneáin

Studying medicine at University of Galway is a remarkable opportunity to gain exposure in a fantastic teaching hospital and feel secure in the knowledge that there will be people to help and guide you every step of your journey. The friendships you develop along the way will stay with you throughout your career and you will have countless opportunities to be involved in your community from your foundation year to your final year. Galway is a wonderful city to live in, with most facilities within walking distance and plenty of scenic recreational areas to enjoy. I personally found that studying at University of Galway enabled me to maintain hobbies and extracurricular activities while obtaining a high standard of medical education. This ability to balance ones work scheduled was a skill that University of Galway medical faculty felt strongly about and they supported individuals who wished to uphold high standards of sport, music and other talents including art and debating

Medicine Class of 2020, University of Galway

Vanessa Leung Sheng

In terms of the medical teaching, there are wonderful lecturers that are very willing to help. In the pre-clinical years, there are lab sessions in which you have the opportunity to work in smaller groups and solidify the theory of that particular subject. In terms of the clinical rotations, we had the opportunity to go to one of the four medical academies which was an invaluable experience. The hospital placement had exceptional tutors that went above and beyond to challenge you while encouraging you and constantly providing feedback. Starting clinical rotations for the first time is intimidating, but I was very quickly put at ease by the teams. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from the clinical tutors and all of the doctors in the hospital who have provided me with a very high standard of education. They have inspired me to always keep pushing myself to be the best I can be and to take advantage of every opportunity. What I like about living in Galway? Everything! It is the most beautiful city, with students everywhere you go! The people are so friendly and kind. It is truly a home away from home and there is a real sense of community at University of Galway!

Medicine Graduate, University of Galway

Nitya Priya Palanivail

Choosing to study medicine at University of Galway means choosing a university which provides the best, most wholesome student experience. The pre-clinical years consist of an immaculate syllabus which complements the training received in the clinical years. The close partnership with University College Hospital Galway in training medical students is the cornerstone in moulding competent future medical undergraduates who can not only excel as doctors but also in medical research. With an exciting campus life to the very international nature of students from various courses and the academically stimulating lectures and tutorials delivered by welltrained doctors and professors alike, University of Galway helps build life experiences, supports growth of character and prepares you for the real world application of your field of undergraduate study.

Medicine Graduate, University of Galway

Lorcán Ó Maoileannaigh

Throughout my 6 years of study I had numerous opportunities to contribute to college life, both academically and secondary to my participation in many of the societies University of Galway has to offer. In Galway medical students are exposed to clinical practice early in their academic career; special study modules and early patient contact facilitate the translation and application pre-clinical theory to patient care and management. This is followed by clinical years wherein students are supported and guided by fantastic medical and surgical teams who very much take you under their wing and make you feel part of the team. University of Galway has also given me opportunities through societies, sports and as President of the Students’ Union to represent the college on a national and international stage. Opportunities and memories that I now cherish were very much supported by the School of Medicine throughout my studies. Medicine at University of Galway promotes a sense of community, one that simply cannot be replicated where the importance of inter-professional learning, giving back and academic collaboration are all central.

Junior Doctor

Nahiah Noor Azman

Medicine is always my passion since childhood. Being a doctor is actually one of the ways to contribute to the public. Honestly, University of Galway is the only Irish university offered in twinning programme by my previous university in pre-clinical phase. However, I am always fond of pursuing my study in Ireland since Ireland is well-known with its medical course in my country. Hence, I chose University of Galway over other universities for my twinning programme. My first day was really great. I enjoyed my bridging course conducted by University of Galway. I was well-oriented and made clear on my visions while studying in University of Galway. The emphasis on the theory is one important component that I love. Having a strong foundation in pre-clinical phase is essential before starting the clinical years. Besides that, peaceful environment in Galway is one of the main traits that made Galway stand out from the others as the best place to study!

Medicine Graduate, University of Galway

Kyle Foo

Applying to medical schools in Ireland and moving from New Zealand seemed to be a daunting task. But Seamus and Samantha from IUMC understood this and helped me to navigate through the entire process with ease.

They were approachable, honest and patient and facilitated a stressless process by constantly staying in touch with myself and the university, providing useful tips for the interview and supporting me with the move to Ireland.

Currently, I am having a great time studying in Ireland in my student accommodation that was organised by IUMC. I unreservedly recommend them and you can rest assured that Seamus and Samantha will be there to support you every step of the way.

Medicine, University of Galway

Hooi Tzing Chia

Coming to University of Galway to study medicine has been wonderful. UG is unique not only in its location but also in the people who work here. People from every department, from lecturers to clinicians, from librarians to administrative staff, have made my journey that much sweeter. I would recommend University of Galway to any student.

Malaysia; UG, Medical Student

Yeoh Seng Lim

Medicine is a course which requires its students to study a wide amount of knowledge regarding the human body, from basic anatomy, physiology to advanced clinical skills and knowledge in order to understand the underlying pathophysiology of a disease and the management of the disease.

In order to help students, become familiarised and proficient with the fundamental knowledge taught in first year medical syllabus, University of Galway has implemented a more practical approach in educating its students. Apart from attending lectures on anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and professionalism, students are also required to attend lab sessions to enhance their learning experience. University of Galway offers students the chance to learn through dissection of a cadaver. The learning opportunities of students are further maximised by breaking the whole 200+ medical students attending first year to smaller groups of 10 per dissection table.

Read More

Abdul Raziq Hider

I am starting my final year of Medicine in UCD and I could not be happier with my experience in this prestigious university so far. UCD has the best facilities in Ireland for both academic and sports activities. The time during pre-clinical years was amazing and has provided me the opportunity to learn in a very conducive environment for education as well as able to make a lot of friends from numerous backgrounds. Apart from that, the times in the hospitals for my clinical placements have been outstanding with a more comprehensive approach to medicine and multiple ways to gain and improve my clinical skills which will help me to work as a doctor in the very near future.”

UCD Medicine


​​Ireland, a country with vibrant cities and beautiful sceneries, as well as warming and welcoming people is the reason I chose to study in Ireland.

I truly enjoyed my time here studying and living in Ireland. In Trinity College Dublin, there is a good balance of international students which makes a friendly community. Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming and we learn about different backgrounds and cultures… Read more

Trinity College Dublin; Medical Student

Mae Shan

I chose UCD mainly for its campus life and also because UCD is known for its research work and the student summer research programme. The programme has been the most interesting aspect of my time here. Research prompts me to think, and it is an avenue where I can finally apply what I have studied so far in medical school.

Malaysia; UCD, Medical Student


​​Ireland is a beautiful country and needs no introduction for its friendly people and beautiful sceneries. The atmosphere and people in Dublin are lovely. There are many attractions nearby if you are up for a coastal walk or craving crispy fish and chips.

Trinity College Dublin is a world-class university with an excellent education and support system. The campus equipped with many facilities, and the daily necessities are within reach in the surrounding by walking distance. Read more

Trinity College Dublin; Medical Student

Michelle Kwok

​​I decided to study in Trinity College Dublin as the school has a rich history and is recognised by the Singapore Medical Council. Its location in the city centre was one of the contributing factors since I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of city life. The people of Ireland are extremely welcoming and friendly, and the country has breathtaking coastal hikes. I particularly enjoyed that Trinity factored in 3 years of clinical exposure. The 4th year was especially structured covering OBGYN, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and GP. The emphasis on self-directed learning prepares us continued learning in the future as we progress as physicians. Although moving to a new country initially was difficult, IUMC allowed me to get to know other like- minded individuals in Singapore before leaving for Ireland. This made the move to Ireland a less intimidating experience.

Trinity College Dublin; Medical Student

Yun Liau

​​Placements and Hospitals
In TCD, we have three years of clinical experience which is more than some other universities in Ireland. This allows us to have more time to hone our clinical skills.

In Year 3 and Year 5, we are assigned to medical or surgical rotations. This is mostly done in St James’ Hospital (SJH) or Tallaght University Hospital (TUH). Other sites include Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital (RVEEH), Naas General Hospital, Blackrock Hospital, National Rehabilitation Hospital, Hermitage Medical Clinic… Read more

Trinity College Dublin; Medical Student

Yen Yen Ho

I was surprised by how friendly and helpful Irish people were – this helped me settle in immediately in this place I call home for the next five years. It was easy to adapt to the Irish culture as Irish people are warm and approachable and the food is nothing short of delicious!

Studying medicine in Ireland has vastly enhanced my knowledge and the structured clinical opportunities in different hospital rotations has allowed me to gain significant clinical skills. The lecturers are very helpful and the hospital doctors are always happy to include students in the team. Overall, the learning experience has been great and I am looking forward to completing my medical journey here.

Trinity College Dublin; Medical Student

Ambrish Roshan

Dentistry at Trinity College has been an extremely enriching experience. The Dublin Dental Hospital is well  equipped with up- to-date facilities & cutting-edge technology. Highly qualified clinical supervisors and lecturers provide individual guidance and evidence-based training. Students have vast clinical exposure from 2nd year on, hence producing very clinically experienced graduates.

Personally, I enjoy being able to manage my own portfolio of patients, seeing them through to full health and managing every aspect of their oral health. The Bachelor of Dental Science degree opens a myriad of opportunities with graduates being able to practice dentistry almost anywhere in the world, testimony to the high quality of the undergraduate training programme.

Trinity College Dublin; Dental Science Student

Ming Tow Chan

Studying in UCC has been life changing. The campus is a short distance to Cork city centre and student accommodation is within walking distance. The Irish are renowned for their friendliness and I have found them to be extremely warm and welcoming, making it very easy to settle in. The medical faculty (professors and lecturers) have been really impressive, and actively engage students and promote class participation. They are always willing to assist with any problems and this really improves the quality of learning and understanding. Being in UCC also gives you the opportunity to explore new places and is definitely a wonderful and life-changing experience.

Singapore; UCC, Medical Student

Goh Shu Yi

When I first came to Cork I was quite nervous as I was not sure what to expect. Having lived here for five years, I can now say that it is an experience I would trade with no other! The support system here is really strong and my journey was eased with the help of my classmates and lecturers. However, despite the busy schedule, I still manage to squeeze in some weekend trips around Cork which is surrounded by gorgeous places for a big fan of nature like me.

UCC; Dental Science Student

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