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Cork Dental School has a long history of training students from outside of Ireland. Our University provides support for international students in a number of ways via our International Education Office. International students are warmly welcomed here, and form an important part of our student group. Our international students integrate very well on our programme. We are also keen to learn from you, and to have your culture and background enrich our student programmes.


Duration:5 YEARS
Number of students:OVER 230


  • 90 patient dental chair facility
  • State of the Art Health Science Laboratories
  • Lecture theatres, seminar rooms, clinics and teaching laboratories
  • Excellent IT access with interactive learning technologies
  • Medical library on site
  • Modern clinical simulation units
  • Consultant Clinics
  • Attachment to a major acute care hospital (Tertiary Referral Centre)
  • Day-case operating theatre for surgical procedures
  • Easy access to Cork city from Dental School and Hospital


During the first two years of the programme, you will learn the scientific basis for Healthcare and Dentistry. You will learn about important human structures and how body systems and molecules function in health and disease. We will teach you the biological basis of Dentistry and you will study in detail the anatomy and functions of structures in the head and neck regions. You will learn how to communicate with patients and understand the importance of professional behaviours. Ethical healthcare is vitally important and you will learn how to be a caring and competent practitioner.

From Year 3 onwards, you will be based full time at the Dental Hospital. We will teach you to improve your manual dexterity and spatial awareness skills in our clinical simulation laboratories and you will be taught how to undertake all aspects of clinical dentistry, including the treatment of adults and children.

This will involve improving your patient management skills supported by continuous feedback on your clinical care. On graduation from the Dental School at UCC, you will be well equipped for a rewarding career in Dentistry.


Studying in UCC has been life changing. The campus is a short distance to Cork city centre and student accommodation is within walking distance. The Irish are renowned for their friendliness and I have found them to be extremely warm and welcoming, making it very easy to settle in. The medical faculty (professors and lecturers) have been really impressive, and actively engage students and promote class participation. They are always willing to assist with any problems and this really improves the quality of learning and understanding. Being in UCC also gives you the opportunity to explore new places and is definitely a wonderful and life-changing experience.

Singapore; UCC, Medical Student


When I first came to Cork I was quite nervous as I was not sure what to expect. Having lived here for five years, I can now say that it is an experience I would trade with no other! The support system here is really strong and my journey was eased with the help of my classmates and lecturers. However, despite the busy schedule, I still manage to squeeze in some weekend trips around Cork which is surrounded by gorgeous places for a big fan of nature like me.

UCC; Dental Science Student


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