I decided on coming to Ireland after IUMC first made a visit to my school where I was doing A-levels. I was already applying to a few medical schools at the time, but decided to broaden my options by applying to Ireland as well – and looking back, I’m very grateful that I did!

The best part about studying Medicine in UCD is being presented with so many opportunities alongside my studies. From summer school programs, to research involvement, to student societies and clubs, I’ve had a taste of them all during my pre-clinical years. Now that I’ve started my clinical rotations, I realise that the curriculum was structured in a way that ensured I had a grasp of ALL the theory before being placed in a clinical context.

Ireland itself as a country is also beautiful, and its people so welcoming. I sometimes find myself slipping in ‘grand’ and ‘craic’ when I speak, and have somehow become fond of Irish humour. What’s nice is that IUMC also links us with other Malaysian students in Ireland, so there’s always a home away from home to seek familiarity in.