How To Apply

Apply in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Complete our short enquiry form. Discuss your education qualifications, EU or non-EU status, and location with our team.

Step 2: After initial review our team will advise on requirements and send you application documents. One-to-one Zoom consultations can be arranged for students, parents and school counsellors.

Step 3: Our team will collect all required supporting documents from you and process your application (EUR 50 application fee)

Step 4: Shortlisted candidates interview with the leading Medical and Dental Schools in Ireland

Step 5: Successful applicants will receive an offer to a top Medical or Dental School in Ireland

Costs: Aside from the application fee of EUR 50, our services are completely free!


Who Can Apply Through IUMC?

  1. Non-EU international students in ASEAN (including other nationalities studying in this region) can apply to the 4 IUMC partner universities with 1 application.
  2. Students outside the ASEAN region can contact our team to find out what universities they can apply to through IUMC (e.g. Trinity, UCC, UG)
  3. Note regarding UCD: Students outside of the ASEAN region should apply to UCD via their website
  4. Students who qualify for EU/UK status (nationality, residency etc.) should apply through the Central Applications Office (CAO)
  5. Students in North America should contact the universities directly for application advice

Click here to begin the process! We will advise on the exact procedure considering your education qualifications and location.


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