Entry Requirements


International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

5-year Programmes: 36 points (excluding core points) to include 3 HL subjects with Chemistry and at least one other HL science subject (Physics or Biology).

All 4 IUMC universities have 5 Year Programmes.

6-year Programmes: Students who do not meet the above requirements may be considered for the 6-year programme. This is available at University College Dublin (UCD) and National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG).


5-year Programmes – AAA is the minimum entry standard (including Chemistry and at least one other science subject)

6-year Programmes – Students who do not meet the above requirements may be considered for the 6-year programme. The 6 year programme is available at University College Dublin and National University of Ireland, Galway

Other Qualifications

Click here if your education qualifications do not match the above criteria.

English Language Requirements

IELTS: 6.5 (minimum individual sections 6.5)

TOEFL: 90 (minimum – Listening 23 / Reading 21 / Speaking 22 / Writing 23)

Exemption: In certain cases, students may be exempt from IELTS or TOEFL if they can provide alternative proof of English proficiency. Exemptions will be decided by the Medical and Dental schools.


Students must pass an admissions interview to be considered for a place.


Step 1: Complete our short enquiry form and our team will contact you with relevant details in line with your background.

Step 2: After initial review our team will advise on requirements and send you application documents. One-to-one Zoom consultations can be arranged for students, parents and school counsellors.

Step 3: Our team will collect all required supporting documents from you and process your application (EUR 50 application fee)

Step 4: Shortlisted candidates interview with the leading Medical and Dental Schools in Ireland

Step 5: Successful applicants will receive an offer to a top Medical or Dental School in Ireland

Costs: Aside from the application fee of EUR 50, our services are completely free


I was surprised by how friendly and helpful Irish people were – this helped me settle in immediately in this place I call home for the next five years. It was easy to adapt to the Irish culture as Irish people are warm and approachable and the food is nothing short of delicious!

Studying medicine in Ireland has vastly enhanced my knowledge and the structured clinical opportunities in different hospital rotations has allowed me to gain significant clinical skills. The lecturers are very helpful and the hospital doctors are always happy to include students in the team. Overall, the learning experience has been great and I am looking forward to completing my medical journey here.

Trinity College Dublin; Medical Student


Studying in UCC has been life changing. The campus is a short distance to Cork city centre and student accommodation is within walking distance. The Irish are renowned for their friendliness and I have found them to be extremely warm and welcoming, making it very easy to settle in. The medical faculty (professors and lecturers) have been really impressive, and actively engage students and promote class participation. They are always willing to assist with any problems and this really improves the quality of learning and understanding. Being in UCC also gives you the opportunity to explore new places and is definitely a wonderful and life-changing experience.

Singapore; UCC, Medical Student


When I first came to Cork I was quite nervous as I was not sure what to expect. Having lived here for five years, I can now say that it is an experience I would trade with no other! The support system here is really strong and my journey was eased with the help of my classmates and lecturers. However, despite the busy schedule, I still manage to squeeze in some weekend trips around Cork which is surrounded by gorgeous places for a big fan of nature like me.

UCC; Dental Science Student


I chose UCD mainly for its campus life and also because UCD is known for its research work and the student summer research programme. The programme has been the most interesting aspect of my time here. Research prompts me to think, and it is an avenue where I can finally apply what I have studied so far in medical school.

Malaysia; UCD, Medical Student


Dentistry at Trinity College has been an extremely enriching experience. The Dublin Dental Hospital is well  equipped with up- to-date facilities & cutting-edge technology. Highly qualified clinical supervisors and lecturers provide individual guidance and evidence-based training. Students have vast clinical exposure from 2nd year on, hence producing very clinically experienced graduates.

Personally, I enjoy being able to manage my own portfolio of patients, seeing them through to full health and managing every aspect of their oral health. The Bachelor of Dental Science degree opens a myriad of opportunities with graduates being able to practice dentistry almost anywhere in the world, testimony to the high quality of the undergraduate training programme.

Trinity College Dublin; Dental Science Student


Coming to University of Galway to study medicine has been wonderful. UG is unique not only in its location but also in the people who work here. People from every department, from lecturers to clinicians, from librarians to administrative staff, have made my journey that much sweeter. I would recommend University of Galway to any student.

Malaysia; UG, Medical Student


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