Studying in a country far from home, I’ve come to realise it’s not just about where you’re studying. It’s about the people, the sceneries, the walks among other things that make it worth the experience and Ireland offers all of that. Not only does it comprise of some of the World’s leading institutions but also people who are extremely friendly and warm who will wave to you and have a short conversation on your walk to campus. It offers some beautiful sights and hikes which make the university experience so much more worthwhile. 

Choosing to study in Ireland is without a doubt one of the best choices I’ve made because it introduced me to great research opportunities, professors and of course, friends from all over the world. Unlike many other medical schools, Irish medical schools award students with an additional degree, a Bachelor in Obstetrics, in addition to a Bachelors in Medicine and Surgery which is extremely beneficial in the long run. It also strongly emphasises on the practical application of theoretical knowledge which greatly contributes to the learning process and equips students to work in a clinical setting. 

The IUMC/Study Ireland Office was extremely helpful as it guided me through the tedious medical school application as an international student. They were helpful when it came to putting me in touch with the right people when I had queries and were extremely organised and prompt with all the help they provided. Seamus was especially helpful during this period and still continues to check in on me while I’m at university! I would highly recommend students to strongly consider Ireland as a study destination as it offers everything to make your further education worth the experience!