Medicine is always my passion since childhood. Being a doctor is actually one of the ways to contribute to the public. Honestly, University of Galway is the only Irish university offered in twinning programme by my previous university in pre-clinical phase. However, I am always fond of pursuing my study in Ireland since Ireland is well-known with its medical course in my country. Hence, I chose University of Galway over other universities for my twinning programme. My first day was really great. I enjoyed my bridging course conducted by University of Galway. I was well-oriented and made clear on my visions while studying in University of Galway. The emphasis on the theory is one important component that I love. Having a strong foundation in pre-clinical phase is essential before starting the clinical years. Besides that, peaceful environment in Galway is one of the main traits that made Galway stand out from the others as the best place to study!