Ireland is a beautiful country and needs no introduction for its friendly people and beautiful sceneries. The atmosphere and people in Dublin are lovely. There are many attractions nearby if you are up for a coastal walk or craving crispy fish and chips.

Trinity College Dublin is a world-class university with an excellent education and support system. The campus equipped with many facilities, and the daily necessities are within reach in the surrounding by walking distance.

The course curriculum is well structured, and the first year studying at Trinity College was the perfect transition to university. The university arranged helpful guidance such as S2S mentoring and extra classes to aid the transition process. Second-year incorporates a heavier content, but it builds an extra depth on the knowledge we gained in the first year. The preclinical years provide us with appropriate knowledge to prepare us for the clinical years in the hospital. In the third year, we spend time rotating between different specialities in hospitals under the guidance of doctors. During our clinical rotations, there is a lot of clinical teaching that is very practical and provides a deeper understanding to supplement the lectures.

IUMC has been tremendously helpful in guiding and facilitating my application process to Trinity College. Before leaving, they organised a pre-departure event with existing Trinity students to brief us on the upcoming life in Dublin. I found it helpful knowing what to expect in college and Ireland, along with their experiences and tips.

My experience studying in Ireland has been incredible, and I recommend it to everyone considering studying abroad.