UCC is located in the pleasant, safe and welcoming city of Cork, which is home to some of the friendliest people I have ever met. The community is very helpful to international students whenever we require assistance or information. I was immediately attracted to the charming and peaceful environment the moment I arrived, and the tightly knit community makes Cork feel very much like home. The campus accommodations are also situated conveniently near the campus for international students.

UCC itself has a well developed infrastructure and world class modern teaching facilities which provide for a very conducive learning environment. The UCC Medicine curriculum is a professional, complete and rigorous programme. The teaching staff are very caring, dedicated and passionate in their fields of work. They develop and deliver an outstanding teaching programme for medical students. UCC is very supportive of societies, e.g., South East Asia Society (SEASoc), and their activities, and is truly a university that is culturally diverse, active and vibrant, and with a broad global outlook. UCC Medicine is without doubt the best choice for me, and I am thoroughly enjoying each and every moment here.