Life In Ireland

Getting started

Useful apps to download: 


Most networks offer unlimited internet with affordable prices. Here is a table of comparison of the more well established networks (Three, Vodafone, Eir) and the newer networks that started in the past two years (GOMO and 48).

CallsUnlimited Three to Three
60 minutes to other networks
100 any network minutes & unlimited minutes from 3pm on Fridays until 11.59pm on SundaysUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Extras11GB EU roamingFull allowance roaming in Europe10.9GB EU roamingEU Roaming, Calls, Texts & 10GB Data10GB EU/UK roaming


With unlimited data and google maps in hand, you will never get lost! It is extremely easy to get around with public transport and you can walk or cycle as well! 

In Dublin you have the options of the Luas, an above ground tram, the bus and the train. As well as taxis and ubers. You can also opt to cycle or walk. With cycling you can get your own bike or there are many bike renting services available e.g. Dublin bikes, Bleeper etc 


In Dublin there is a plethora of choices from Asian (Malaysian, Korean, Japanese etc) to Mexican and Mediterranean. 

My favourite restaurants are: 

Grocery shopping – many choices of grocery shop, can choose depending on which is near, budget and brand choices

After living in Dublin for 5 years, here are some grocery shopping money saving tips:


Ireland is very well known for their vibrant nightlife, hopefully by the time you guys are here, things with COVID has improved significantly and you will be able to immerse yourself in the full experience. 

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