Michelle Kwok, TCD

I decided to study in Trinity College Dublin as the school has a rich history and is recognised by the Singapore Medical Council. Its location in the city centre was one of the contributing factors since I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of city life. The people of Ireland are extremely welcoming and friendly, and the country has breathtaking coastal hikes. I particularly enjoyed that Trinity factored in 3 years of clinical exposure, which is more than the other schools. The 4th year was especially structured covering OBGYN, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and GP. The emphasis on self-directed learning prepares us continued learning in the future as we progress as physicians. Although moving to a new country initially was difficult, IUMC allowed me to get to know other like-minded individuals in Singapore before leaving for Ireland. This made the move to Ireland a less intimidating experience.

Jonathan Loke, TCD

​​Hello! My name is Jonathan Loke, I am a final year currently studying in Trinity College! I first decided to study in Ireland as I knew friends who were applying to Ireland so they were quite familiar with the whole application process and I also knew seniors who were already studying Medicine in Ireland and had really good experiences studying there. In retrospect, I am truly glad that I did! I really enjoy the pace of life in Dublin, as well as the accessibility of everything. Dublin is a very vibrant city, with new cafes and restaurants popping up every other week. The people in Dublin, especially the patients in the hospitals are always friendly and willing to help or just chat. I found this especially helpful in Medicine, where communication forms such a big part in trying to take a proper medical history. Trinity also has a well structured curriculum with early clinical experience, which I found was particularly beneficial in slowly learning to be comfortable speaking to patients and improving my soft skills. The first two years are the pre-clinical years and generally more content focused with modules such as anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology and immunology. I also found it helpful that there were sessions in the laboratory as well as the dissection theatre to supplement the content being taught in lectures. Besides school life, studying in Ireland has offered me the unique ability to travel around country and explore various nature reserves, cliffs, waterfalls and mountains. I found weekend hiking trips or cycling expeditions to different towns particularly beneficial as a form of exercise as well as stress relief. All in all, I think that studying here in Ireland is definitely a once in a lifetime experience and a one that I will greatly treasure for a long time to come.

Kai, TCD

 Ireland, a country with vibrant cities and beautiful sceneries, as well as warming and welcoming people is the reason I chose to study in Ireland.

 I truly enjoyed my time here studying and living in Ireland. In Trinity College Dublin, there is a good balance of international students which makes a friendly community. Everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming and we learn about different backgrounds and cultures.

Besides, studying abroad will help you grow as a person. I learnt to become more independent by learning how to take good care of ourselves. We also learnt to adapt to new situations and become more resilient by taking on challenges and gaining life experiences from them.

The curriculum is well structured and it allows students to build knowledge gradually with a good foundation. The first two years of medical school are pre-clinical years which consists of lectures, small-group tutorials and problem-based learning. With small group learning, we not only get to know our classmates better, but we also learnt to develop better communication skills, teamwork and problem-solving skills which are key qualities to our personal development and career. In clinical years, the school ensures that students have adequate exposure to the clinical placement. This allows us to experience the healthcare system and the importance of delivering holistic care to patients.

Ireland is known for its natural beauty. From the Cliff of Moher and the Giant’s Causeway to the Ring of Kerry and the Aran Islands, there are plenty of beautiful landscapes to explore that are perfect for weekend getaways when we need a break from studying.

IUMC has always been very helpful to students, from guiding us through the application process to making sure we settle into the new country smoothly. They are very approachable and offers good support to us throughout our medical school journey.

Jin, TCD

Ireland is a beautiful country and needs no introduction for its friendly people and beautiful sceneries. The atmosphere and people in Dublin are lovely. There are many attractions nearby if you are up for a coastal walk or craving crispy fish and chips.

Trinity College Dublin is a world-class university with an excellent education and support system. The campus equipped with many facilities, and the daily necessities are within reach in the surrounding by walking distance.

The course curriculum is well structured, and the first year studying at Trinity College was the perfect transition to university. The university arranged helpful guidance such as S2S mentoring and extra classes to aid the transition process. Second-year incorporates a heavier content, but it builds an extra depth on the knowledge we gained in the first year. The preclinical years provide us with appropriate knowledge to prepare us for the clinical years in the hospital. In the third year, we spend time rotating between different specialities in hospitals under the guidance of doctors. During our clinical rotations, there is a lot of clinical teaching that is very practical and provides a deeper understanding to supplement the lectures.

IUMC has been tremendously helpful in guiding and facilitating my application process to Trinity College. Before leaving, they organised a pre-departure event with existing trinity students to brief us on the upcoming life in Dublin. I found it helpful knowing what to expect in college and Ireland, along with their experiences and tips.

My experience studying in Ireland has been incredible, and I recommend it to everyone considering studying abroad.