Coming to UCC has been an eye-opening experience for me. What really attracted me to the medical programme in UCC is the great emphasis on clinical research as is illustrated by many well known published studies. This has given me the opportunity to participate in my areas of interest. UCC provides excellent teaching and advanced facilities such as the Anatomy Flame Laboratory and Stimulation Laboratory for clinical practice. I find early clinical attachments such as GP visits and heath care tutorials the most striking and enjoyable part of the course. Not only does this familiarise us to clinical settings and practice, there is also a strong emphasis on the holistic aspects of Medicine and patient centered based care. Cork is a lovely, vibrant city that really welcomes you. I love how everything is within walking distance whether it be the campus, accommodation or the city centre itself. It has been really easy to settle in with so much support available. I strongly believe that UCC will shape me into a competent and understanding doctor which will allow me to excel in this field.