Medical school at University of Galway has been an incredible journey for me. The best part has been the opportunity to be on the wards, interacting with patients, and fulfilling my dream of attending medical school. It’s truly a rewarding experience.

One important lesson I’ve learned is the significance of taking time for myself. To stay on top of things, I make it a priority to keep up with my work. By doing so, I have more time to relax and have fun, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the workload. It’s all about finding the right balance.

Another valuable piece of advice I would give is to work hard, play hard, and never hesitate to ask for help. It’s important not to be afraid of seeking assistance when needed. We’re all in this together, so it’s crucial to support our friends and classmates. Don’t hesitate to approach your seniors for notes or past papers; they can be a great resource.

In terms of studying, efficiency is key. It’s essential to understand what your syllabus covers and develop a consistent study routine to keep up with the demanding workload. Although medical school can be intense, sticking to a schedule will help you stay on track and overcome any feelings of falling behind. Trust the process, and you’ll be just fine.

When it comes to free time, my advice is to simply relax. Medical school can be rigorous, so it’s essential to find ways to unwind. You can explore University of Galway’s various clubs and societies, seek studying tips online, or engage in activities that interest you. Take care of yourself and make the most of your downtime.

University of Galway offers various opportunities for personal and academic growth. For instance, you can participate in summer research programs or take a year off to pursue an intercalated master’s degree. Additionally, the university provides the Erasmus program in the third year and a voluntary service abroad club, where students travel to Africa during the summer.

Personally, living in Galway has been amazing. The people are friendly, and the place itself is beautiful. 

In summary, medical school has been an incredible journey filled with opportunities for growth and personal development. By finding a balance between hard work and self-care, seeking help when needed, and exploring various activities, I’ve been able to navigate the challenges and make the most of my experience. Ireland, especially Galway, has been a welcoming and enriching environment for my medical education.