Stepping into a new country knowing little was intimidating but it turned out to be a journey full of wonders and excitement. Ireland is a place with diversity, full of people coming from all around the world. Being in this environment, I am able to meet like-minded people that I am able to exchange our intellectual and cultural experiences with. Encounters of people with different worldviews can be daunting but the meaningful conversations helped expand my pre-existing understanding of social and academic concepts. The relationship that I build with the people here and the memories are priceless and precious.

I choose to study in Trinity College Dublin and I will never regret this decision. I get opportunities to discuss my topics of interest with my professors and lecturers. I also have the chance to join as many activities to expand my social circle as well as learning new knowledge. I gain so much insights from my course and events outside of my course. I am also given the research opportunities to join a team full of expertise to further strengthen my understanding in my course and see new discoveries.

Having applied through IUMC has made my life a lot easier. I can apply to all four universities through one application after viewing the introductory videos and talks regarding the universities provided on the website. Besides, the application requirements are organised and well structured. When faced with questions, the IUMC team is extremely helpful and they answer all my queries with clear instructions and advice. They also group all the Malaysians together so that we are not alone during the journey as a first year. I would highly recommend students to consider Ireland to pursue their future careers.